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About Buddha Vandana

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Anybody from another country intending to visit India on Pilgrimage to the Buddhist sacred places for the first time would naturally be inclined to gain some knowledge of such places prior to ones’s departure from that country. Although information regarding such places could be gathered from difference sources such as religious publications tour operators Internet etc., a new comer from a remote place of a developing country is most likely to face much difficulty in collecting the relevant information in a concise and easily accessible manner since such information is not available in that form.

Thus it is the intention of this exercise to furnish adequate information on this subject to the reader enabling him to acquaint himself on the religious significance, historical aspects and the current position of these important sacred places in a simple and readable manner.

An attempt also has been made to provide data and information on,

  • The religious organizations that provide services
  • Travel arrangements
  • The rout to be followed commencing from the capital city of Delhi
  • Safety precautions and
  • The conveniences available at such places.


In fact this is a result of the writers own experience in organizing a brief visit to the sacred places  that he underwent in going to India from Sri Lanka to visit his daughter’s family presently residing in New Delhi.


Hope this would be of benefit to anybody keen on paying homage to the Triple Gem Buddha – Dhamma- Sanga



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